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#47189: submission: audacity
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Comment (by rjvbertin@…):

 Replying to [comment:26 mojca@…]:
 > Also, Audacity version 2.1.0 is out.

 Also, damn! :)

 >I see your new patches for python, but I see that you only patched two

 Yes. That's because I made sure they invoked an appropriate python
 interpreter, so that we don't have to patch all the script files. As I
 said, I processed the whole waflib with 2to3 (from port:python3.4) but
 that only takes care of the syntax (which apparently isn't enough).

 > It would be nice to run autoreconf locally and provide a patch for
 configure file(s).

 I could try to see how big that patchfile is going to be ... I did try to
 run autoreconf selectively, but there too I gave up at some point and just
 let it run recursively through all directories. Which results in *lots* of
 changed files.

 Actually, I'm not so sure if it's really feasible. There are a few
 reinplace commands in the post-patch, and some of those are to patch in
 the actual $prefix. Those are done before the autoreconf, so your
 suggestion might not be feasible. If anything it's not going to be
 straightforward. It's annoying the autoreconf step takes so long, but then
 it is only required for the wx* 3.0 version. For the wxgtk 2.8 variant I
 patched both the autoconf/automake files and their products.

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