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#46823: Objective: Lower back, hamstrings
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 and glutes.
 Placement: Standing with feet apart the same distance from the hips, grab
 the bar outside legs and hands above. No bloqueéis knees Raise your chest
 and stretch your arms.

 Movement: Bow down throwing buttocks back to the bar hang straight from
 the shoulders. The lumbar area will be incurred because the legs are kept
 almost straight. When you reach half of blackheads, go up again. At the
 highest point you may rest not backward, not cause vertebral impingement.
 Tip: Concentrate for the movement to be controlled and work the lower
 back, buttocks or not the hamstrings.
 Features: This exercise is similar to the Romanian deadlift, but the bar
 is farthest from the legs, so falls <a
 xr/">Biomuscle XR</a> more stress on the lower back. Provides density
 entire back, especially lower back.

 By Dan Smith


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