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#44816: [update] yara 1.4.7 to 1.4.7/3.1.0/devel
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Comment (by a.schuster@…):

 Thanks, I think we're approaching a solution.

 YARA 1.x is outdated and no longer supported. However, a few people (and
 applications) still require it. Therefore I propose to add a new port,
 named yara1, which provides YARA v1.7. We could add pcre/re2 as variants
 and the proper Python bindings as a subport. A single commit is required;
 the port should be stable for a fairly long time.

 This port (yara) would track the stable release only, with variants for
 modules and a subport for Python bindings. Commits are required for new
 stable releases of YARA.

 Now on to the bleeding edge development version. It doubt it is feasible
 to release a patch whenever YARA gets updated, as this may happen many
 times a week. It would impose a high workload on those kind guys with
 commit privilege. How do other projects deal with situation? Do we really
 need a yara-devel port? After all, starting from the current Portfile and
 tweaking it to your needs shouldn't be too hard for a serious developer.

 Or, we could provide a yara-devel Portfile as a template. But then we need
 to be very clear about it being only a template and not following HEAD on

 All the ports (yara1, yara, and yara-devel) would be mutually exclusive.

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