[MacPorts] #44816: [update] yara 1.4.7 to 1.4.7/3.1.0/devel

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Sun Feb 15 08:55:12 PST 2015

#44816: [update] yara 1.4.7 to 1.4.7/3.1.0/devel
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Comment (by jul_bsd@…):

 I don't think there is a clear policy for one product to use only subport
 or different Portfile. I think the first one is more coherent but depends.
 the conflict settings will not be changed by the fact there is one or
 multiple Portfile AFAIK and as seen above, it only applies to install not
 build conflict.

 yara1 subport should be fully operational with re-subport. I'm adding a
 warning of EOL. all of that shouldn't change much once we catch latest

 On devel, it's more a pointer for maintainers or more advanced people, to
 test most recent stuff inside macports but probably to be removed or
 commented for commit. (prefering second). currently not compiling and we
 don't want to commit that. Clearly the goal is not to track every commit.
 I think, it's more useful for projects which have long release cycle or no
 release at all.

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