[MacPorts] #44704: octave:Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64: "_gl2psDisable"

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Fri Feb 20 16:31:33 PST 2015

#44704: octave:Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64: "_gl2psDisable"
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Comment (by michaelld@…):

 Just leave the dependencies as they are. Clean and build octave using the
 default variants. The build should fail when it gets to a certain point,
 which is after liboctinterp has been created. liboctinterp is linked to
 libgl2ps.dylib, so the otool command will show if it is the one provided
 by MacPorts or some other. The octave configure script -assumes- the
 "-lgl2ps" exists, without checking for it or where it might be located.
 I'm tempted to make the dependency explicit ... but, this also might not
 be the issue. I have some other ideas for how to correct the issue if
 gl2ps linkage isn't the problem.

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