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#50214: Update to wolfSSL (CyaSSL) Portfile
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      Port:  cyassl wolfSSL  |

Comment (by jacob@…):

 Hello, sorry for the delay in response.

 It looks like the macports version is not using the most recent patch. The
 warnings of --enable-opensslExtra and --enable-gcc-hardening are two
 things that were changed with Portfile-wolfssl-2.diff. This though would
 not explain the linker problem. Is the previous version that was reporting
 the error = -227 still compiling? It would have had to compile previously
 to reach the CERT EXT test case and if the recent build has accidentally
 not applied the changes in Portfile-wolfssl-2.diff it should be the same
 build as from previous tests.

 "CERT EXT test failed!

 error = -227

 FAIL testsuite/testsuite.test (exit status: 255)"

 Is there a case here where it could be trying to link with an
 old/different version of wolfSSL after the changes are applied?


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