[MacPorts] #51107: gnuradio ImportError: No module named gnuradio

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Tue Apr 12 11:02:25 PDT 2016

#51107: gnuradio ImportError: No module named gnuradio
  Reporter:  ethicz@…  |      Owner:  michaelld@…
      Type:  defect    |     Status:  new
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 Component:  ports     |    Version:  2.3.4
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      Port:  gnuradio  |

Comment (by ethicz@…):

 Replying to [comment:4 michaelld@…]:
 > Are you using HomeBrew? By default it installs into /usr/local, which we
 generally recommend against using because it is a standard search path for
 many configuration systems. We also generally recommend not using any 2 or
 more of HomeBrew, MacPorts, and Fink at the same time -- it's just asking
 for troubles (like this).
 > That said, if you change the PATH environment variable to have
 /opt/local/bin come before /usr/local/bin, that should fix this specific
 issue. There might be others that come up depending on what is installed
 in /usr/local though.

 Yes I am using HomeBrew. I tried changing the path environment but
 couldn't get opt/local/bin to come first. I edited the .bash_profile to
 include this

 export PATH="/opt/local/bin:$PATH"

 But echo $PATH returns

 /usr/bin /bin /usr/sbin /sbin /opt/local/bin /opt/local/sbin /opt/X11/bin

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