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#51246: submission: port:zfs and port:zfs-devel
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Comment (by rjvbertin@…):

 Explanation for this request from a single upstream dev who may or may not
 be voicing the majority opinion: SIP.

 In other words, that concerns only 10.11, and it should be perfectly
 possible to find a way around this, like reaping the kexts off an upstream
 DMG in the non-devel port , or a co-maintainer with the possibility to
 sign the kexts (on the 10.11+ buildbots).

 I don't think this kind of port will mean much to most users who are
 better off with SIP. Users who are interested in a -devel port are IMHO
 much more likely to know the potential risks of running without that
 additional safety net (= in a pre-SIP configuration).

 I was hoping to get a little bit more appreciation for introducing a wider
 audience to the ZFS effort. But maybe this ticket alone will have that
 effect ...

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