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#51246: submission: port:zfs and port:zfs-devel
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Comment (by rjvbertin@…):

 I've followed `port:osxfuse`'s lead to make some changes for political

 - `port:zfs` has been downgraded so it can use the official 1.4.5
 installer to redistribute the signed kexts on 10.10 and beyond. I think
 it's acceptable to subject the user to a one-time warning about loading
 unsigned kexts on 10.9 so as to use truly matching kexts on that version,
 but everything is ready to use the signed kexts on that platform too.

 - `port:zfs-devel` requires an informed action to install on 10.10 and
 higher, through the selection of a variant. That should ensure there will
 be no binary packages (the variant is non-default), and I've tried to
 oblige the user to hunt a bit for the explanation on how to install the
 port. The variant could have a better chosen name, but I really think
 there is no good reason to require it on 10.9 .

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