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#51246: submission: port:zfs and port:zfs-devel
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Comment (by brendon.humphrey@…):

 Hi MacPorts,

 Second of three OpenZFS on OSX developers here, while I personally don't
 an issue with MacPorts carrying a wrapped up official installer with no
 modification, I do have significant issues with the concept of zfs-devel
 being produced. I perceive that there are significant gaps in @rjvbs
 ability to determine what is a safe point to release or update such a
 repository. It certainly isn't a case of "works for me". If he makes a
 mistake then this poses a significant threat to others data, and obviously
 to the integrity and reputation of the O3X project.

 It is distasteful for me to have to point out that O3X has a significantly
 negative relationship with @rjvb. We do not engage with this person, and
 he has no access to internal project development or status beyond what is
 published on our public internet pages. Clearly we don't consider him
 qualified to release product or make statements on our behalf.

 The O3X project would prefer that if MacPorts are to carry a wrapped up
 installer, that the O3X project staff are treated as the first point of
 contact for releases or support going forward.

 Thank you.

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