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#52992: fluid-soundfont: add new sound fonts
  Reporter:  mojca                               |      Owner:  RJVB
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      Port:  fluid-soundfont-gm_gs fluid-        |
  soundfont-gu_gs                                |

Comment (by RJVB):

 Replying to [comment:7 mojca]:

 > * make the ports for sound fonts ready first
 > * make sure that fluidsynth is up to date (I didn't look at it yet, I'm
 waiting to resolve this first), if nothing else add the maintainer

 OK and OK. According to livecheck fluidsynth and the website is up to

 > * you can update the PR for VLC any time

 Already done (I think), but that will have to be redone as a function of

 > * I'll need assistance with qsynth in case it's ready; I found a linux
 box where I installed it, but I have no clue what to do with it; but once
 it's ready you can also submit a pull request anyway

 Did you test it already? I got it to build (with some convincing not to
 make an autonomous app bundle) but it doesn't work reliably. It does when
 I switch it to PortAudio instead CoreAudio + CoreMidi, and keeps working
 when I switch it back, but otherwise it only logs error messages in
 system.log. Googling suggests that could be a known issue on 10.9 .

 Either way it doesn't have a way to open other files (strange for a GUI
 app) and would require a patch to make it open files via the Finder.

 Its niche seems to be the control over certain playback parameters it
 gives, but as a tool for simply playing back MIDI files as if they were
 regular sound files VLC does much better.

 > > > * GS `fluidr3_gs.cfg` doesn't even provide support for accordion
 > > No, this file can be used in addition to the gm .cfg file; it provides
 Roland patches.
 > In that case I admit that I don't even have a clue how to use the files.
 (I made a symlink from `timidity.cfg` to the file I wanted to use.)

 timidity.cfg shows how: you specify both. I think that if you look at the
 contents of these files you'll see that they don't specify exactly the
 same channels.

 > 20/06/13   2.2      Church Organist Missing note (#94) added to Violin
 and range extended to G7 (MIDI#103)

 That doesn't seem completely devoid of interest, but we can start with the
 older version shipped by Debian and then see if there are requests to push
 the newer version. That is if you yourself don't see a reason for it.

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