[MacPorts] #51287: Inkscape crashes on startup if enchant is installed with +applespell

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Thu May 12 02:53:58 PDT 2016

#51287: Inkscape crashes on startup if enchant is installed with +applespell
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Comment (by raimue@…):

 Replying to [comment:9 devans@…]:
 > I've updated the dependencies in inkscape in r148331, requiring enchant
 +aspell -applespell.  This fixes the spell checking issue reported here
 although enchant has to be manually installed with these variants for the
 build to succeed.  Will do the same for inkscape-devel shortly.

 This forces everyone with inkscape installed to manually switch the
 enchant variants before their upgrade can continue, as the default
 installation is still enchant +applespell. I got multiple reports
 (personally and on IRC) from people that were unsure what to do. The error
 message is a bit confusing and does not tell users how they are supposed
 to proceed:

 --->  Fetching archive for inkscape
 Error: Failed to archivefetch inkscape: enchant must be installed with
 +aspell and without +applespell.

 To document it somewhere, the command to switch variants before attempting
 an upgrade of inkscape would be:
 $ sudo port upgrade --enforce-variants enchant +aspell -applespell

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