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#51535: perl5 portgroup: revise version numbering
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 At some point it would be nice to revise the version numbers for Perl

 There are some "annoying" ports like p5-pod-readme which use `v1.1.2` as
 version string (the letter "`v`" being part of the version string).

 This means that comparisons should be different. Perl devs say that:
  * v1.10 > v1.9, but
  * 1.10 < 1.9

 I should double-check how that is in MacPorts.

 The advice would be to switch to different numbers altogether and use
 versions like 1.001002 rather than "1.1.2" for any version comparison.

 Plus, they would specify something like
 perl5.setup HTML-Formatter 2.014 NIGELM/HTML-Formatter-2.14.tar.gz
 where the full dist name would be part of the specification.

 The upstream information should come from https://metacpan.org.

 See also #50000.

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