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#51668: texlive-texdist: new port
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Comment (by dliessi):

 Replying to [comment:17 mojca]:
 > I don't know if what you want to do is to provide the '''structure'''
 that explains what exactly is in MacPorts. Or the script that can switch
 between installations.

 The first (and original) goal is to provide the structure.
 This is done in the attached Portfile, but as we discussed earlier there
 are some difficulties in providing the architecture-specific links in a
 sensible way, due also to the (buggy?) way `texdist` determines the
 architecture to test if the distribution is usable.

 So two things need to be done.
 1. Find a way to know which architetures were installed by `texlive-bin`:
 I could simply retrieve the defaults, but it would be better to check what
 the port actually installed, especially with respect to universal
 binaries; this means that `texlive-texdist` should depend on `texlive-
 bin`, though, so maybe it would be even better to add everything to the
 `texlive-bin` Portfile, which would solve the problem.
 2. Fix the architecture check in `texdist` upstream (which I understand is
 in http://tug.org/svn/texlive/trunk/Master/source/mactexdoc.tar.xz).

 The problem with `texdist` lead me to a second goal: given that we will
 provide the directory structure with MacPorts, I think it wouldn't hurt
 (and it is little extra work) to provide also `texdist`.

 > What exactly would you use `texdist` in MacPorts for? Just curious.

 I have other versions of TeX Live / MacTeX installed, besides MacPorts,
 and I'd like to use `texdist` to switch between them.
 If users installed other distributions using MacTeX they should already
 have a copy of `texdist`, but not so if they used the UNIX TeX Live
 installer, as far as I understand.
 I understand that few users install both MacPorts' TeX Live and other TeX

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