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Sun May 7 14:45:01 UTC 2017

#54125: portaudio upgrade
  Reporter:  RJVB       |      Owner:
      Type:  update     |     Status:  new
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 Component:  ports      |    Version:
Resolution:             |   Keywords:  haspatch
      Port:  portaudio  |

Comment (by RJVB):

 Changing the advertised would mean adapting the distname calculation as
 well as the livecheck. Not a big deal, but why bother using a different
 version, or a different version rewritten this way? Why not
 `` while we're at it, for instance?

 The 2 make calls in the `tools` variant are to ensure that the respective
 targets are built. They're not run by the current build system, so there's
 no interference with `port test`. You're right that I could add the
 targets via `build.target-append`.

 Good to know about the expansion operator. Is there an official policy
 concerning its use? I can see how it can be useful but I usually avoid
 obfuscated syntax like this.

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