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#54125: portaudio upgrade
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Comment (by ryandesign):

 Software developers often obfuscate their projects' version numbers in the
 distname, as the developers of portaudio have done here. If you look
 through the source files you'll see they refer to this version as "19.6.0"
 not "190600". MacPorts portfiles should strive to put the projects' actual
 version numbers into the version field, not whatever obfuscation the
 developers may have used in the distfile name.

 Does `make tests` build something that gets installed by the tools
 variant, or does it (as I assumed) run tests? If it runs tests, then I
 wouldn't do it automatically because that's not what we usually do. If it
 builds something that gets installed, that's fine, and I guess it's just
 unfortunate that the developers have used  a confusing target name.

 The expansion operator is not obfuscation; it's simplification. We didn't
 used to use it because it requires Tcl 8.5 or greater; now that MacPorts
 bundles a copy of Tcl 8.5 there's no reason not to use the available
 features of the language.

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