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#54125: portaudio upgrade
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Comment (by RJVB):

 I understand your reasoning with the version, but I cannot help but think
 that most users don't care about the actual version number reported, if
 anything possible only whether livecheck reports that it's up to date.
 Note that this is a library, not an executable that reports a different
 version somewhere - and that the online documentation already talks about
 PortAudio 2 (fortunately they don't use a scheme where a pre-release
 version has a higher number than the upcoming release version).
 I'll look into it, but this is not high-priority for me. I'm not planning
 on taking over maintainership.

 Re: make tests: no, that doesn't actually run any tests. As I said,
 neither of the make commands run their targets. I wouldn't have included
 the test executables in the variant otherwise.

 > The expansion operator is not obfuscation; it's simplification.

 With all due respect, I think it's both, and very much along the lines of
 the old obfuscated C jokes. It doesn't help understanding (readability) to
 the casual port (Tcl) developer. It means extra work the moment you need
 to do something more inside the loop.
 How does it even work, `xinstall` doesn't accept multiple file arguments
 to my knowledge so does the operator have an RPN aspect to it?

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