[MacPorts] #55794: librsvg @2.42.2 - can't build on <10.7 due to dependecy on rust

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Tue Feb 6 01:01:31 UTC 2018

#55794: librsvg @2.42.2 - can't build on <10.7 due to dependecy on rust
 Reporter:  kencu                      |      Owner:  kencu
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 Keywords:  snowleopard leopard tiger  |       Port:  librsvg
 rust won't build on 10.6.8 -- there might be a version from several years
 ago that will build, but the last one I tried, that matches up with commit
 <272512b7cb6b6320a97cad307ba10fa96131f95a>, didn't build due to lack of
 thread_local storage. This is probably not fixable, unless I figure out a
 way to get thread_local into 10.6.8. Perhaps some usable version of rust
 older than that might build.

 There are not many ports that need rust, but one of the big ones is now
 `librsvg`, upon which more than 60 ports depend.

 Options are to find a version of rust that is useful that build on 10.6.8,
 or (more likely) to peg a version of librsvg at that previous version,
 that didn't require rust to build.

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