[MacPorts] #55807: boost @1.65.1_3 depends on itself

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Mon Feb 12 20:24:07 UTC 2018

#55807: boost @1.65.1_3 depends on itself
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 Component:  ports       |    Version:  2.4.2
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      Port:  boost       |

Comment (by michaelld):

 A few thoughts here:

 1) I am becoming more and more convinced that for openmaintainer ports
 with owner(s), someone wishing to make a potentially non-trivial change --
 virtually anything except a rev-bump -- should either open a PR or an
 issue describing the problem and solution. The usual "24 hour timeout
 window before committing any such change" would apply. In this manner, we
 port maintainers are given a chance to test out any such changes and
 approve or not of them. We might not be able to catch every single issue,
 but at least we're given a chance to do so. I, for one, will do this MO
 from here on, even though I know it's not what the Committers' Guide says
 about openmaintainer ports.

 2) We need to do -something- pretty quickly. Reverting isn't really a good
 option since Boost will use NumPy if found & we don't want that. Let's try
 to fix the issue.

 3) I like Monte's idea, but not for Boost itself. Much easier would be to
 split off libpsl's docs to be their own subport, say libpsl-docs; who
 actually uses local docs anymore? Add a note to libpsl about how to get
 its docs. On my laptop, it takes 22 seconds to fetch and build libpsl; a
 pittance compared with boost.

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