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#55828: Audacity can no longer find lame
  Reporter:  rpspringuel  |      Owner:  RJVB
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Comment (by RJVB):

 Here's what I see on Linux (same Audacity build as the one in Macports,
 but using Ubuntu's LAME):

 10:22:09: Attempting to load LAME from system search paths
 10:22:09: Loading LAME from libmp3lame.so.0
 10:22:09: Actual LAME path /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libmp3lame.so.0.0.0
 10:22:09: LAME library successfully loaded

 As you can see, Audacity tries to use the system search path here, which
 could just mean it just does `dlopen("libmp3lame.so")` although that would
 not typically return the actual filename from which the library is loaded.
 Regardless, LAME is a true shared library and thus has a version number in
 its library filename.

 Audacity does nothing but resolve the symlink. Without having looked at
 the code I am betting that having to do the "Allow file type" step is NOT
 because of the version number which also exists on Linux (and actually
 changes the file extension aka type there). I'm also betting that it only
 shows the actual file used for support/debugging reasons.
 Where do you find that "allow filetype" option, btw? I wasn't aware of it
 (or completely forgot about it); I could look into setting the option by
 default for the next release.

 > which means once it stopped forcing the filename to libmp3lame.dylib it
 could (and did) follow the symlink.

 No offense, but that makes as little sense as suddenly no longer doing
 something. Theoretically it makes no sense at all because you have to do
 some very specific gritty work to distinguish a symlink from its
 destination. There is no reason for Audacity to do that here (on the
 contrary) so why would an installed build all of a sudden start doing

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