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Mon Feb 19 19:08:39 UTC 2018

#55862: Portfile for smtpping
  Reporter:  juergennagel  |      Owner:  ryandesign
      Type:  submission    |     Status:  accepted
  Priority:  Normal        |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports         |    Version:
Resolution:                |   Keywords:
      Port:  smtpping      |
Changes (by ryandesign):

 * owner:   => ryandesign
 * status:  new => accepted


 Thanks. I made the following changes:

 * Added standard modeline
 * Adjusted indentation of `PortSystem` and `PortGroup` lines to match rest
 of portfile
 * Used cmake 1.1 portgroup instead of cmake 1.0 portgroup
 * Used github 1.0 portgroup correctly:
  * The `github.setup` line replaces the `name` and `version` lines
  * Specify the tag prefix (`v` in this case)
  * Remove `github.tarball_from tags` because that is the default
  * Remove the overrides for `homepage`, `master_sites`, `distname`,
 `worksrcdir`; the defaults of the github portgroup are meant to be
  * Changed checksums because using the default `master_sites` downloads a
 tarball URL, not an archive URL, and though the contents are the same, the
 checksums differ because of the name of the enclosing directory
  * Added `size` to checksums
 * Removed `revision 1` line; the first revision of any version should be 0
 and that is the default.
 * Removed `supported_archs noarch` line because the port ''does'' install
 architecture-specific files (specifically, the `smtpping` program)

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