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#55827: sandbox-exec: execvp() of 'sh' failed: No such file or directory
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Comment (by orcioni):

 Replying to [comment:14 neverpanic]:
 > So just to make sure I understand this correctly, you're saying the
 installation still failed with `sandbox_enable no`?

 The installation of previously mentioned ports, yes.
 But, I have to correct my previous claim that all ports fail ot install. I
 tried emacs and it will succeded. I don't need it, but it succeded.

 So currently these are the port that systematically fail to install:
 ghostscript, gnuplot, cvs, gmp.

 Many ports depends on them, so pratically I can not install any port that
 I need.

 > MacOS error -67062 occurs when a code signature is required to do an
 operation but no signature is present:
 > {{{
 > $ security error -67062
 > Error: 0xFFFEFA0A -67062 code object is not signed at all
 > }}}
 > Unfortunately it's not clear what that operation is. MacPorts does not
 need code signatures for its operation. My best guess would be that a code
 signature on some system binary got lost for whatever reason.
 Unfortunately my knowledge ends here. I can only assume that this is a
 system problem. Try rebooting or refreshing your macOS installation.

 I will try immediatly a reboot; about reinstalling macOS, it will be more

 many greetings


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