[MacPorts] #56398: libvpx @1.7.0: Toolchain is unable to link executables (was: MacOS 10.13.4 : installing ffmpeg failure with libvpx)

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Wed May 2 03:57:26 UTC 2018

#56398: libvpx @1.7.0: Toolchain is unable to link executables
  Reporter:  cgilles  |      Owner:  dbevans
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Comment (by ryandesign):

 Ok, the main.log is fairly straightforward about what the problem is:

 > {{{
 > Toolchain is unable to link executables
 > }}}

 And config.log shows us why:

 > {{{
 > ld: unexpected token: !tapi-tbd-v2 file
 for architecture x86_64
 > }}}

 It shows the MacPorts clang 3.9 compiler being used, together with the
 10.13 SDK. That's probably not going to work; the 10.13 SDK requires a
 current version of clang. Older versions of clang can't understand the
 text-based dependency (.tbd) format used in newer SDKs. Why is it using
 such an old version of clang? What version of clang is /usr/bin/clang?
 What version of Xcode is installed?

 I also see reference to `MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET` being set to `10.8`. I
 assume you've done that deliberately by editing macports.conf. That by
 itself shouldn't be a problem.

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