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#56458: python*: Compiler path is baked into _sysconfigdata.py
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      Port:  python27 python31 python32          |  snowleopard, haspatch
  python33 python34 python35 python36            |
  python37-devel                                 |
Changes (by ryandesign):

 * keywords:  snowleopard => snowleopard, haspatch


 Replying to [ticket:56458 ryandesign]:
 > 3. In `post-destroot`, replace the real compiler paths in
 _sysconfigdata.py with placeholders, and in `post-activate`, replace the
 placeholders with the current values from `${configure.cc}` and
 `${configure.cxx}`. I can't think of a reason why this wouldn't work. For
 Xcode 4.2, that would still end up being clang, which might be undesirable
 as in (2) above. We could special-case 10.6 and use llvm-gcc-4.2 there
 instead of clang. I am assuming that the build failure of python33 and
 later with llvm-gcc-4.2 is specific to the source code of python itself,
 and would not manifest itself when building most modules.

 I've implemented this here: https://github.com/macports/macports-

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