[MacPorts] #56458: python*: Compiler path is baked into _sysconfigdata.py

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Thu May 10 12:56:57 UTC 2018

#56458: python*: Compiler path is baked into _sysconfigdata.py
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      Port:  python27 python31 python32          |  snowleopard, haspatch
  python33 python34 python35 python36            |
  python37-devel                                 |

Comment (by ryandesign):

 You closed the PR, so I'll respond here:

 > Sysconfig is supposed to record the compiler that was used to build
 python. This would render it incorrect.

 I understand that.

 > You'll notice it records a lot of other things like the configure args
 that were used.

 Right. This PR doesn't change the `CONFIG_ARGS` line. It's possible there
 are other values the PR should not change, such as `CC` and `CXX`, and I'm
 happy to change the PR for whatever decision is reached in that regard. I
 do not know the distinction between the various variables.

 > Distutils does not blindly use that compiler to build things, it has
 code to choose a default compiler that exists (if one is not specified).

 In some cases, yes, it definitely does use these compilers to build other
 things, resulting in the problems reported in the above-mentioned tickets.

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