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#58848: Error: Failed to build rust: command execution failed
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Changes (by kencu):

 * keywords:   => rust


 Your log has several build attempts. It's always best to clean between
 build attempts, so you have a fresh slate. In fact, it should probably be
 automatic to do that, unless you specifically override it, but that's for
 another topic. So you would do:
 sudo port clean rust
 sudo port -v install rust
 each time.

 The issue with SSL being outdated in MacPorts goes back several years now.
 See <https://trac.macports.org/ticket/51516>. By default, MacPorts is
 built against the system's installed SSL infrastructure, which is very
 outdated on older systems. There has been talk, as per that ticket, of
 bundling openssl with MacPorts, but there is resistance about being in the
 security game, naturally.

 What I do is install a separate current version of `openssl` and build
 MacPorts against that. By doing that, your MacPorts SSL is right up to

 To do that, I build MacPorts from source. It's easy enough, and takes me
 only a few minutes, but admittedly it is a bit of a process to follow.
 Nonetheless, I do it on every machine I have running 10.9 and less. I
 never see any SSL errors using MacPorts this way.

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