[MacPorts] #58873: opencv 3.4.7 broken?

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Sat Aug 24 18:39:14 UTC 2019

#58873: opencv 3.4.7 broken?
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      Type:  defect        |     Status:  reopened
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 Component:  ports         |    Version:  2.5.4
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      Port:  opencv        |

Comment (by kencu):

 `#! /usr/bin/env python` is not necessarily specific enough. It often will
 go to the system python, or another python. Whichever one comes up first
 in the path. You can find the one that will be used with `which python`.

 How about try your script by referencing the exact python you want:
 and see how that works for you.

 You can also modify which `python` is used with
 $ port select --list python
 Available versions for python:
         python27 (active)
 and then do this to force one of them to the one you want `python` to be:
 sudo port select python python27

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