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#64621: sbcl: build hangs on Monterey
  Reporter:  pmetzger  |      Owner:  easye
      Type:  defect    |     Status:  assigned
  Priority:  Normal    |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports     |    Version:  2.7.2
Resolution:            |   Keywords:  monterey
      Port:  sbcl      |

Comment (by kakuhen):

 CCL is no-go for me because it simply moves "future binary blob disasters"
 to another port and lacks Apple Silicon support. If I understood the
 ReproducibleBuilds guidelines, then any particular change to x86_64
 requires a corresponding change to arm64.

 CLISP has the issue of long pauses between releases, and Apple Silicon
 support is probably not as well tested some of the more actively
 maintained Common Lisp implementations. Any bugs in CLISP would take
 months to fix and even more months to appear in a release.

 If we must switch to an alternative compiler, then either ABCL or ECL will
 be the sane options in my opinion. Neither of them are written entirely in
 C/C++ (ABCL is in fact built on top of the JVM), but again, we may be
 introducing possible bugs that arise from ABCL or ECL compiling SBCL. With
 that said, most package managers--if they wish to avoid starting an SBCL
 bootstrap from an older SBCL--will use ECL, so that particular compiler
 has, anecdotally, the most support. I would personally prefer to keep
 bootstrapping from SBCL for best results; I will start asking for updated
 bootstrap binaries on MLs to see if that helps the situation.

 There really isn't a viable interpreter written entirely in C/C++. In
 fact, most Common Lisp implementations are compiler-only (i.e. no
 interpreted mode). I do know of one implementation that is indeed 100% C
 (npt), but its not on MacPorts, and its full of memory bugs, issues with
 CLOS, etc.


 **tl;dr**: I recommend ECL, if any alternative host, but be aware of the
 tradeoffs; I prefer no alternative hosts.

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