[MacPorts] #65809: py-nbconvert @7.0.0: install fails, due to build-time artifact fetch

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Mon Sep 19 23:08:58 UTC 2022

#65809: py-nbconvert @7.0.0: install fails, due to build-time artifact fetch
  Reporter:  agl2015       |      Owner:  stromnov
      Type:  defect        |     Status:  assigned
  Priority:  Normal        |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports         |    Version:  2.7.2
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      Port:  py-nbconvert  |

Comment (by mascguy):

 Reviewing what's done in other ports, I suppose we can handle this via
 direct use of `wget`/`curl`.

 The following is semi-complete, apart from copying the artifacts to the
 appropriate location(s) in the work area. (It's slightly more involved
 than would otherwise be required, due to multiple artifacts named

     depends_fetch-append \

     post-fetch {
         # Explicitly fetch CSS artifacts; all of this must remain in-sync
 with project build script
         set notebook_css_ver            5.4.0
         set jupyterlab_css_ver          3.1.11
         set jupyterlab_theme_light_ver  3.1.11
         set jupyterlab_theme_dark_ver   3.1.11

         set notebook_css_url \
         set jupyterlab_css_url \
         set jupyterlab_theme_light_url \
         set jupyterlab_theme_dark_url \

         set css_fetch_dir \
         set wget_fetch_cmd \
             "${prefix}/bin/wget --no-verbose --no-check-certificate

         xinstall -d \
             ${css_fetch_dir}/notebook_css \
             ${css_fetch_dir}/jupyterlab_css \
             ${css_fetch_dir}/jupyterlab_theme_light \

         system -W ${css_fetch_dir}/notebook_css \
             "${wget_fetch_cmd} ${notebook_css_url}"
         system -W ${css_fetch_dir}/jupyterlab_css \
             "${wget_fetch_cmd} ${jupyterlab_css_url}"
         system -W ${css_fetch_dir}/jupyterlab_theme_light \
             "${wget_fetch_cmd} ${jupyterlab_theme_light_url}"
         system -W ${css_fetch_dir}/jupyterlab_theme_dark \
             "${wget_fetch_cmd} ${jupyterlab_theme_dark_url}"

 I'll leave this out here for a day or two, in case folks have any
 suggestions to improve/streamline the approach.

 And ultimately we should reach out to upstream, to see if they can
 eliminate the need for all of this long-term.

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