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#66914: wxMaxima (please update that program!)
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Comment (by MSoegtropIMC):

 It is quite clear that opening the LogPane before the persistance manager
 does not work and after does work. According to the doc of
 wxPersistenceManager it is responsible for managing persistence for all wx
 entities, so I would assume that thus also applies to AUI. Actually it
 might be that this changed betweem wxWidgets 3.0 and 3.2 - the structure
 of what is saved looks different.

 I will try the latets build, but I believe the fundamental problem is that
 you start to send log messages to the log pane before AUI is properly
 initialised. wxWidgets then can't do much besides manifesting the window.
 Looking at the Window structure at the point you send the first log
 message, the structure is such that the LogPane is the only child of the
 frame window, so it ends up to fill the frame window. The AUI manager then
 overlays this in Mac.

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