can't install ettercap-ng

david carvalho david at
Tue Dec 5 02:41:33 PST 2006

Hi all !
For the last days I've been trying to install ettercap-ng on my mac  os X  10.4.8
I've done this previously on windows and linux without any  problems. Now,
 there's a dependency  that can't be resolved. The process stops in 
"attempting to fetch pcre-6.7..."

 I was thinking that it could be something with the department  
firewall,  since usually I have to do a  "wget --no-passive-ftp" when downloading some RPMs.
 But a while ago I've noted that even when it was trying to download pcre from  http://...
 I get the  same problem. How can i solve this in order to install ettercap-ng.
 I've also changed, like suggested in darwinports site, the rsync
 repository to, but the result is the same.
 Any help please ?
 Thanks ! best regards!
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