can't install ettercap-ng

Mike Savory msavory at
Tue Dec 5 09:06:05 PST 2006

Hi David

Yes the port is using ftp to try to get that file, and is probably  
blocked with your firewall.
If you manually download the .gz file that the port is trying to get  
(check, then put it in


the port command should recognise it, and continue with the build



On Dec 5, 2006, at 2:41 AM, david carvalho wrote:

> Hi all !
> For the last days I've been trying to install ettercap-ng on my  
> mac  os X  10.4.8
> I've done this previously on windows and linux without any   
> problems. Now,
>  there's a dependency  that can't be resolved. The process stops in
> "attempting to fetch pcre-6.7..."
>  I was thinking that it could be something with the department
> firewall,  since usually I have to do a  "wget --no-passive-ftp"  
> when downloading some RPMs.
>  But a while ago I've noted that even when it was trying to  
> download pcre from  http://...
>  I get the  same problem. How can i solve this in order to install  
> ettercap-ng.
>  I've also changed, like suggested in darwinports site, the rsync
>  repository to, but the result is the same.
>  Any help please ?
>  Thanks ! best regards!
>  David
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