Randall Wood rhwood at
Wed Dec 6 02:04:00 PST 2006


Here is the brief overview of the gnome-applet problem and how I am  
attempting to fix it:

gnome-applets 2.12.x does not build, requiring a missing header from  
an earlier version of libxklavier or libgnomekbd.

libxklavier can not be back-ported or the control-center port would  

both libgnomekbd and gnome-applets 2.14.x/2.16.x require a modern  
working dbus port, which I am working with the upstream dbus  
maintainers to get.

Long term fix is to get the current (1.0.x) dbus packages running  
correctly in Mac OS X.

A short-term fix would be to develop a libxklavier 2.2 port that does  
not conflict with libxklavier 3.x and then include configure  
arguments in gnome-applets 2.12.x that point to that version.

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