my first port - how to

Marc André Selig mas at
Sun Dec 10 06:11:34 PST 2006

On 10.12.2006, at 14:48, John Owens wrote:

> However, these things seem really kludgey. Is it not possible to
> have a local portfile somewhere and install it using a command
> line "port" command?

Just cd to the directory where you've put the Portfile (*outside* of / 
opt/local) and try "sudo port -d install".  That should work.

Or you could set up a local repository:

	sudo port install subversion
	mkdir -p /Users/Shared/dports/x11/myport
		# and put your portfile there
	sudo sed -e '1i\
	file:///Users/Shared/dports' -i~ /opt/local/etc/ports/sources.conf
	portindex /Users/Shared/dports
	sudo port install myport


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