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Emmanuel Hainry ehainry at
Sun Dec 10 07:25:52 PST 2006

Citando John Owens :
> Greetings, I'm attempting to write my first port. Writing the portfile
> is not too difficult, as there's lots of good examples. However,
> actually making it install is a lot tougher.
> I am making it work by:
> - adding the portfile in the right place in /opt/local
> - changing the portindex file to add the port info manually (and
>   making up a number for it)
> However, these things seem really kludgey. Is it not possible to
> have a local portfile somewhere and install it using a command
> line "port" command? That would seem much better, but I can't find
> any documentation on how that's done. (For instance, there's a 
> local "~/.portsrc" file? but I can't find any docs on it.)
> I think this is the sort of thing that really ought to be on the
> wiki - the barrier to entry of adding a portfile is really very
> high, and a short guide would be helpful. 

It used to be in the documentation:

In two words, you just edit sources.conf and use the 'portindex' command
in the right place.

Most configuration files are in ${prefix}/etc/ports/. For information
about ~/.portsrc, have a look at 'man ports.conf'

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