my first port - how to

Mark Duling mark.duling at
Sun Dec 10 08:46:10 PST 2006

John Owens <john_owens at> on Sunday, December 10, 2006 at 5:48 AM
-0800 wrote:
> Is it not possible to
>have a local portfile somewhere and install it using a command
>line "port" command? That would seem much better, but I can't find
>any documentation on how that's done. (For instance, there's a 
>local "~/.portsrc" file? but I can't find any docs on it.)
>I think this is the sort of thing that really ought to be on the
>wiki - the barrier to entry of adding a portfile is really very
>high, and a short guide would be helpful. What it should say:

You're right.  Our documentation is woefully inadequate at present, and
even the legacy reference docs missed some of the obviouspoints you
mention.  I've contributed a few minor documentaton items and I've had in
mind the local repository item as the next one as the most needed
individual item, lacking more comprehensive developer docs that might
contain it.  If no one else does I'll do it soon.

The thing that this link 

doesn't say is that if you put the line specifying your local portfile
*before* the normal rsync one, then duplicates (if you are doing
develoment work on an existing port) the local port will be the one that
shows up first when you run /port search foo' and gets installed when
'port install foo' is run.  In other words,
/opt/local/etc/ports/sources.conf looks like this:



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