my first port - how to

John Owens john_owens at
Sun Dec 10 10:46:22 PST 2006

Emmanuel Hainry <ehainry <at>> writes:

> In two words, you just edit sources.conf and use the 'portindex' command
> in the right place.
> Most configuration files are in ${prefix}/etc/ports/. For information
> about ~/.portsrc, have a look at 'man ports.conf'

I found sources.conf, but would have found it useful if it indicated
that I could have both a file:// AND rsync:// line. It has no indication
that I can have more than one uncommented line. That would be a nice
addition to the default sources.conf file, also with a line that says
what overrides what (does the first line override the second or vice

Thank you for the pointer to man ports.conf.


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