install of octave not possible?

Jörg Frauendiener joerg.frauendiener at
Wed Dec 13 08:38:07 PST 2006


>> I tried to install octave. First I got a checksum error because  
>> the port uses SparseSuite-2.1.1 while the current downloaded  
>> version is 2.3.1. After changing to the old version the chacksum  
>> was ok but I get compilation errors from that same package  
>> SparseSuite-2.3.1:
>> cc -O -c -DCOMPLEX -I../../AMD/Include -I../../COLAMD -I../../BTF/ 
>> Include -I../Include -I../../UFconfig ../Source/klu.c -o klu_z.o
>> In file included from /usr/include/math.h:26,
>>                  from ../Include/klu_internal.h:87,
>>                  from ../Source/klu.c:52:
>> /usr/include/architecture/ppc/math.h:686: error: duplicate member  
>> 'component'
>> Anybody knows what's happening?
> Looks like the same thing that's happening here: https:// 
> There's a patch posted that should fix it.

Thanks a lot for pointing me to the patch. Now it worked. However,  
along the way gcc-4.0.3 was also installed even though I have  
gcc-4.0.1 available which comes with Xcode.

I wonder whether this is really necessary? Is there a way to tell  
`port' which compiler to use?

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