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Thu Dec 14 05:37:46 PST 2006

--- Randall Wood <rhwood at> wrote:

> On 13 Dec 2006, at 20:38, Bob Portmann wrote:
> > It states on [1] that java-gnome "It is not likely that the GNOME
> Java
> > bindings will be ported unless GTK is ported to Aqua.".  Why is
> this?
> > There are ports of pygtk, and gtk-sharp to Macports and it would
> seem
> > that python and mono have the exact same issues as java.  Like
> Java,
> > both of these run their own interpreter or virtual machine and
> include
> > other toolkits.  Java-gnome is just a layer between java code and
> > and the GTK layer takes care of things on the X11 end.  One could
> run
> > the java code from an X-term and it should work fine.  Am I missing
> > something here?
> MacPorts is able to ship its own python and mono builds that are  
> built to support X11. The Java implementation on Apple systems does  
> not support X11, and is an Aqua-based build.
> It seems to me that mixing the two output systems (X11 and Aqua) is a
> bad idea, but if you wish to try it, please do so. If you are  
> successful, then I'll revise that statement.

Hmmm.  I'm sure you know more about this than I do, but I don't see why
python, mono, or java would have to have ANY knowledge of X11.  All of
the hooks into X11 are in gtk (mostly in GDK).  If gtk is ported to
Aqua then the binding libraries only need be re-linked against the new
version, no changes in java, mono, or python or the binding libraries
should be necessary.


ps Thanks for all your work porting Gnome to Macports, you've done a
great job.

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