php5 +apache installation workaround

Mark Duling mark.duling at
Sun Dec 17 21:00:49 PST 2006

Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> on Sunday, December 17, 2006 at
5:20 PM -0800 wrote:
>Currently, php5 +apache uses Mac OS X's provided Apache server. After  
>these changes, it would use the MacPorts apache port. There has in  
>the past been a request to offer both variants: a way to install  
>using Apple's Apache, and a way to install using MacPorts' Apache. I  
>would be in favor of a patch to implement this suggestion. I would  
>like to see precedent for other ports that have options both for  
>using Apple's version of something and the MacPorts version, and I  
>would like to then follow the same variant naming conventions.  

Naming is important.  I think "macosx" is a terrible name for a variant
because it doesn't mean anything to someone that doesn't already know.  I
like the snmp variants to php5 as a model.  Probably because I contributed


It seems clear to me what each one days.  And if it still weren't clear
there are the Portfile comments.

# This compiles PHP5 with SNMP linked against Apple's included NET-SNMP.

# This compiles PHP with SNMP linked against MacPorts' NET-SNMP.


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