php5 +apache installation workaround

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sun Dec 17 22:57:59 PST 2006

On Dec 17, 2006, at 23:00, Mark Duling wrote:

> Ryan Schmidt on Sunday, December 17, 2006 at 5:20 PM -0800 wrote:
>> Currently, php5 +apache uses Mac OS X's provided Apache server. After
>> these changes, it would use the MacPorts apache port. There has in
>> the past been a request to offer both variants: a way to install
>> using Apple's Apache, and a way to install using MacPorts' Apache. I
>> would be in favor of a patch to implement this suggestion. I would
>> like to see precedent for other ports that have options both for
>> using Apple's version of something and the MacPorts version, and I
>> would like to then follow the same variant naming conventions.
> Naming is important.  I think "macosx" is a terrible name for a  
> variant
> because it doesn't mean anything to someone that doesn't already  
> know.  I
> like the snmp variants to php5 as a model.  Probably because I  
> contributed
> them.
> +snmp
> +macports_snmp
> It seems clear to me what each one days.  And if it still weren't  
> clear
> there are the Portfile comments.
> # This compiles PHP5 with SNMP linked against Apple's included NET- 
> # This compiles PHP with SNMP linked against MacPorts' NET-SNMP.

I object to this naming (for the SNMP port as well, I just forgot to  
say so before) because the MacPorts philosophy has always been to  
build its own versions of software, and not use any versions Apple  
may already have installed with the OS. This is explained in the FAQ: 

Therefore, one should be able to assume that a variant uses MacPorts  
software only, unless otherwise noted. Therefore, I would have the  
+snmp and +apache variants using the MacPorts versions of that  
software, and introduce new variants to handle the cases where using  
the Apple software is desired. (I haven't done research on what other  
ports like this are doing, but maybe +snmp_apple and +apache_apple.)

Incidentally, I'm seeing this question in the FAQ 

which suggests that the php5 port already supports all three Apache  

- with the apache2 variant, it builds Apache 2 from MacPorts
- with the apache variant, it uses Apache 1 from Apple
- with no variant, it uses Apache 1 from MacPorts

If this behavior indeed exists (I have not confirmed it), it strikes  
me as bizarre, and I would want to change it to something more sane  
and understandable like:

- with the apache2 variant, it builds Apache 2 from MacPorts
- with the apache variant, it builds Apache 1 from MacPorts
- with the apache_apple variant, it uses Apache 1 from Apple
- with no variant, no Apache support of any kind is built

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