php5 +apache installation workaround

Mark Duling mark.duling at
Mon Dec 18 09:43:01 PST 2006

>> To me that change seems wrong idea, I'm afraid.
>> As you said in the other mail,
>> "MacPorts philosophy has always been to
>> build its own versions of software, and not use any versions Apple
>> may already have installed with the OS"
>> If so, why don't you use MacPorts's one by default?
>By "by default" do you mean "when you use the +apache variant"? If  
>so, I agree with you, from the other thread you quoted. However, I  
>wanted to note that this seems to be a completely separate issue from  
>the one you originally mentioned.

There are a few exceptions to the rule, as with most rules, but I think
they are few.  Perhaps we should state them in the FAQ as well to
eliminate the confusion.


These are the major ones that come to my mind.  What ones  have I missed? 
Except for Apache, the reasons for treating them as exceptions are mostly
practical concerns.  For Apache, the exception is apparently maintained
because of popular demand it be an exception.  Even a few highly tech
savvy folks object to replacing it for some reason.


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