php5 +apache installation workaround

js ebgssth at
Fri Dec 22 07:15:15 PST 2006

> A month or two ago, I proposed eliminating the ability to use Apple's
> Apache and only use MacPorts's Apache. Several people objected to
> this, which is why I proposed the compromise in which both are
> available.
> Some reasons to prefer Apple's are that it gets auto-upgraded by
> Software Update, and that you can control it from System Preferences
>  > Sharing > Personal Web Sharing. With the MacPorts version, you
> have to use the terminal for both tasks, something some users are not
> comfortable with.

Now I understand the situation, Thank you.
But still I can't use php5 MacPorts' apache...
Could you please tell me the way to use MacPorts'  apache with php5 without
manually editing php5's portfile?

I tried:
$ port install php5 +mysql5
# failed. seems variant macosx is implicitly used.(my variants.conf is empty)

#so I tried the next.
$ port install php5 -macosx +mysql5
configure: error: This c-client library is built with Kerberos support.
      Add --with-kerberos to your configure line. Check config.log for details.
Error: Status 1 encountered during processing.

I didn't try but I think if I'd use +apache2
because variant apache2 don't have "if { ! [variant_isset macosx] }"
on the portfile.

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