SuiteSparse checksum error

Richard Funderburk rfunderburk at
Wed Dec 20 12:59:39 PST 2006

I'm trying to install octave and I get the following error:

Verifying checksum(s) for SuiteSparse
Error: Target returned: Could not open file: /opt/ 
Error: The following dependencies failed to build: SuiteSparse  
dejagnu fftw-3 gcc42 gmp mpfr odcctools gnuplot gd2 pdflib readline  
hdf5 teTeX gawk gsed texi2html texinfo
Error: Status 1 encountered during processing.

I have tried removing the retrieved file and run again with the same  

I see that there are some patches posted for SuiteSparse today so,  
hopefully, this is just a transient problem?


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