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Chris Waterson waterson at
Wed Dec 20 10:24:39 PST 2006

Hey Andre!  The SuiteSparse Darwin port had you listed as the current
maintainer; let me know if that's incorrect and I'll try to pass this
along to the right person.

Anyway, if you _are_ the current maintainer, I thought I'd let you
know that I had to tweak the Portfile a bit to get SuiteSparse to
build, patch attached below.  I ran into the following issues:

1. It looks like the patches in the Portfile are meant to go against
    SuiteSparse-2.3.1, _not_ SuiteSparse-2.1.1: they fail when run
    against SuiteSparse-2.1.1.

2. So, I went ahead and upgraded the MD5 hash and version for 2.3.1,
    and the patches applied just fine.

3. Next, the build died trying to link gfortranbegin in
    UMFPACK/Demo.  Rather than use the system compiler and kludge in a
    "-L/opt/local/lib/gcc42", I just went ahead and made all of
    SuiteSparse build with gcc42, which seemed to work okay.

All this was in service of getting my octave port off the floor; I'm
an octave n00b so I'm not sure I could actually validate that my
changes above did much more than get the SuiteSparse build to
complete; YMMV with respect to it actually *working*! :)

Anyway, hope this might be useful.


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