openssl upgrade fubar?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Dec 25 21:57:01 PST 2006

On Dec 25, 2006, at 21:42, Kevin Ballard wrote:

> On Dec 25, 2006, at 10:04 PM, Kevin Ballard wrote:
>> I just told MacPorts to upgrade Subversion. As part of doing this,  
>> it decided to upgrade openssl. However, there was no difference in  
>> version string!
>> --->  Deactivating openssl 0.9.8d_0+darwin_8
>> --->  Uninstalling openssl 0.9.8d_0+darwin_8
>> --->  Installing openssl 0.9.8d_0+darwin_8
>> --->  Activating openssl 0.9.8d_0+darwin_8
>> Any idea why it decided to do this?
> Ok, looking further it seems zlib and apr also did this.
> So for some reason, `sudo port upgrade -uf subversion` decided to  
> reinstall *all* dependencies, as near as I can tell.
> Any ideas what's going on?

Yes -- you told it to. That's what "-f" does. It forces the  
reinstall, even if MacPorts doesn't think it needs to.

If you just want to reinstall Subversion and not its dependencies,  
also use the "-n" flag.

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