openssl upgrade fubar?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Dec 25 22:19:05 PST 2006

On Dec 26, 2006, at 00:05, Kevin Ballard wrote:

> On Dec 26, 2006, at 12:57 AM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> Yes -- you told it to. That's what "-f" does. It forces the  
>> reinstall, even if MacPorts doesn't think it needs to.
>> If you just want to reinstall Subversion and not its dependencies,  
>> also use the "-n" flag.
> Ah, then the meaning has changed. I always pass -f to upgrade  
> because otherwise MacPorts refuses to deactivate the old version if  
> the are any ports which depend on it, despite the fact that it's  
> about to activate the new version.

Yeah, annoying.

> In times past, the -f flag did not force it to upgrade dependencies  
> that didn't need the upgrade.

I didn't know that.

> I want to upgrade out-of-date dependencies, I just also want to  
> actually install the damn thing.
> Is there any solution to this right now?

Personally, I know which of the ports I use require which other  
ports, so I manually "sudo port -ncuf upgrade foo" for each port, in  
the correct order (e.g., if apr, apr-util and subversion all need  
updating, do them in that order).

I don't know if there's a better more-automated way.

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