sound in rdesktop 1.5.0

Mark Duling mark.duling at
Thu Sep 14 09:00:44 PDT 2006

"Doug Poland" <doug at> writes:
>Is it possible to compile the new rdesktop with sound support and get it
>to work?  On my Intel iMac, I have installed both oss and libao but
>the port doesn't appear to detect this fact.

If I do a ./configure --help in the source of 1.5, I see:

  --with-libao=DIR        look for libao at DIR/include, DIR/lib
  --with-sound            select sound system ("oss", "sgi", "sun" or

So configure args need to be added.  Perhaps this should be done in a
variant, it all depends on how likely it is the average user would want
this and how cumbersome those installs are.  If many or most would want it
and/or installing libao and oss are quick then sound support could be
added as default install.

If a variant:

variant sound_support {
	configure-args-append   --with-libao=${prefix}/whatever --with-sound=oss
		(if it doesn't find oss would require some patching of configure script)

If no variant, just add the above configure.args to the current ones in
the port.  Just edit your local rdesktop Portfile to test it.  If you get
it working, submit your patch of the current Portfile so we can commit the
changes to the repository.


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