configure/make/install options for compiling applications from source into /opt/local?

Frank McPherson frank.mcpherson at
Thu Sep 21 08:40:45 PDT 2006


I usually take a slightly different approach to solving problems like  
this, which is to ask, 'how different is the version I want from the  
one that's already available from macports?' I approach it that way  
because, most of the time, someone has already figured out what  
options need to be passed to configure to be built using macports  
dependencies and to install to the macports location.

In your case, I would remove any existing gnumeric port you have, by  
doing: 'sudo port clean --all gnumeric'.

Then I would modify the existing portfile to add the option you want:  
'sudo port edit gnumeric'. Change configure.args to remove the '-- 
without-python' tag.
Build and install your slightly modified gnumeric port via 'sudo port  
install gnumeric'.

If you get this working you could consider submitting any changes you  
needed to make to the gnumeric Portfile to get it working with python  
and the other plugins you want as a patch in trac. This method has  
the advantage of being installable and uninstallable via the 'port'  

Good luck,

Frank McPherson

On Sep 20, 2006, at 23:29, Wolfgang Keller wrote:

> Hello,
> as the Gnumeric package in the Macports repository does apparently not
> include the Python plugin (as well as a lot of others), I would  
> like to
> compile Gnumeric from source myself. Such that it is linked against  
> the
> libraries already in the /opt/local tree and that it is also  
> installed there,
> of course.
> What options must I pass to configure, make and install to achieve  
> this?
> Such as e.g. --prefix=/opt/local or whatnot?
> TIA,
> Sincerely,
> Wolfgang Keller
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