Where is the 1.3.2 dmg?

Ryan Schmidt macports-2006c at ryandesign.com
Fri Sep 22 06:00:49 PDT 2006

No comments at all regarding any of the below? :-)

On Sep 11, 2006, at 22:47, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> I'm trying to refer someone to MacPorts as a very easy way to  
> install some Unix software (Subversion in this case). When I  
> installed DarwinPorts 1.0, it was very easy: I downloaded a disk  
> image, ran the enclosed installer package, and that was it.
> But today when I click the Downloads link on www.macports.org I get  
> sent to the downloads directory in the Subversion repository which  
> offers no explanation of what I should download, and the only  
> choices for 1.3.2 (which is still named DarwinPorts, which is  
> confusing for newcomers who don't know that name, and which is also  
> not at the end of the list as expected but one before the end  
> because DarwinPorts 1.3.1 was named incorrectly with a lowercase p)  
> seem to be DarwinPorts-1.3.2.tar.bz2 and DarwinPorts-1.3.2- 
> archive.tar.bz2. Those names give me no information by which I  
> could divine the difference between the two or which one I should  
> be using, so I downloaded both to see what they were, and neither  
> of them were a disk image. I backtracked to the 1.3.1 directory  
> where I did find disk images. So where are the 1.3.2 disk images?  
> Should I recommend someone download the 1.3.1 disk image and then  
> selfupdate? Is the 1.3.1 disk image universal or only PowerPC? The  
> name doesn't indicate.
> So the to-dos I see are:
> - Rename the Darwinports-1.3.1 directory to DarwinPorts-1.3.1 for  
> consistency
> - Create universal DarwinPorts 1.3.2 disk images
> - On the Downloads page, link directly to these disk images
> - On the Downloads page, use the Universal Binary logo
> - Release a version of the software that is actually called  
> MacPorts (obviously that's being worked on)
> I realize we're in a transition period here, but maybe some of  
> those can be done quickly anyway? How difficult is it to create the  
> disk image of 1.3.2, for example?

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